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Apart from being the closest tourist destination from Cape Town, Fish Hoek has its own reasons for being one of the most- visited places in the country. This town is blessed with various picturesque sights. It also offers you everything that you would expect from a holiday in South Africa, such as the placid sandy beaches, panoramic sights and striking landscapes. Hire a car in Fish Hoek and make the most of your stay in this African town. Car rental in Fish Hoek with us also means you get the liberty to drive to Cape Town and Simmons Town which are located close by.

Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Fish Hoek – Reflecting South African Substance

Beaches are the centre of attraction in Fish Hoek. Along with the common marine activities such as surfing, rafting and swimming, a lot of unique activities can also be experienced here. The Cat Walk which advances with the False Bay Ocean and the trek to Peers Cave is a couple of such exciting activities. The Fish Hoek Museum here is also one of the many locations that travelers should definitely visit. Fish Hoek car rental makes it easier for you to commute around.

The Museums houses the local implements from the stone-age era and some rare age old photographs. If you rent a car in Fish Hoek, it will be convenient as well as economical for you to reach out to these places. One important thing which is worth mentioning is that the beach is probably the only place where you will find no liquor shops. This happening is subjected to the clause in the Deed of Grant. This aspect makes a holiday here a truly no non-sense one which is good if you are traveling with your family.

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