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Gauteng Province is South Africa’s smallest and at the same time a densely populated province. The confluences of culture and nation’s creative spirit along with the global trading activities have awarded the province a cosmopolitan status. Car rental in Gauteng is a very cheap and convenient mode of commuting round. Being home to the metropolitan city of Johannesburg and Administrative city of Pretoria, the region is termed as South Africa’s commercial capital and power house. Car hire in Gauteng with us lets you plan your stay the way you want.

Gauteng, South Africa

Gauteng - South Africa's Heartbeat

The Gauteng province houses a few among many of the gold mines in South Africa. The mining activities are carried on extensively here, which have boosted the growth of small business activities providing ancillary services to the ones engaged in mining activities. Business travelers must rent a car in Gauteng to get across this city. Though business is the primary attraction of Gauteng, it has much more to offer.

The place is among some of the best in South Africa where you can go on the famous African Safari. There are many nature reserves in Gauteng which makes Safari one of the popular activities here. Vaal Dam and Suikerbosrand natural reserves around Johannesburg are the two significant nature reserves here. The Gauteng province is much more exciting than it first appears to be. As you go on unfolding the multicultural aspects of the region, you will come across a dramatic and unforgettable experience.

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