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George is an important town in Cape region and retains the characteristic of the province. Situated between the Eastern and the Western Cape at the foothills of Quteniqua Mountain, this town offers a lot of exciting things to do and explore, especially if you have booked any of our low- priced George car rental deals. Located centrally between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, a car rental in George means you get to drive to these nearby sites on your own. When you rent a car in George, you get the liberty to explore its local attractions as well as drive to Cape Town’s mesmerizing sights of interests.

George, Western Cape, South Africa

George – Holding the Untouched Beauty

The nature is at its full glory in George. The various nature reserves around George offer an enchanting view of nature and can be conveniently explored with the help of a rental car. The Quteniqua Natural Reserve lying parallel to the coastline offers the most rugged and adventurous mountain range.

The historical landmarks are among the other tourists attractions in George. The Slave Tree planted by Landdrost van Kervel, which has been awarded the status of a National Monument, is in George itself. Tranquility and peace, a peculiar feature of South African holiday, are again at its peak in George.

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