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Rent a car in Kimberley with us and easily move around the city and its nearby locations with ease. The services offered by us include the best cars on hire at competitive rates. Travelers have the flexibility to not only hire a car of their choice but also have the option to pick it up from a location that is of convenience to them. When you book a car from us you will receive an unmatched Kimberley car rental service that helps to add comfort and pleasure to your travel in South Africa.

Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa

Kimberley – The Sparkling City

The sparkling city of Kimberley is situated around the meeting point of two rivers - Orange and the Vaal Rivers. It is the capital city of Northern Cape region in South Africa. The city of Kimberley is historically significant for its part in the “Second Boa War“ as well as for its diamond mines. In fact the prominent diamond company De Beers has its roots in this mining town in South Africa. Hire a car in Kimberley from us to visit the great sites and attractions of this city at your own pace and comfort.

This place is not only historically significant but also offers some great monuments, parks, memorials and museums that can be visited easily if you have a car at your disposal. While it is possible to use the well connected local transportation for traveling, nothing beats the comfort and pleasure of traveling in a car. So make use of Kimberley car rental services offered by us to visit the restored Mine Museum in Kimberly or the Big Hole as it is popularly referred to as. Zip across to the numerous war memorials, museums such as the famous Mc Gregor Museum famous for its collection on the ecology and history of the Northern Cape region or visit the Pioneers of the Aviation Museum.

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