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Our company calls for the best traveling experience while in the Maseru city. Maseru Airport car rental service offered by us involves best packages, best rental prices, best options to select a desired car with numerous facilities and more. Travelers get to book a selected car for exploring any major destination. All the more, driving to the different tourist hotspots with Moshoeshoe Airport car rental services add convenience, pleasure and comfort to your traveling itinerary.

Maseru Moshoeshoe, Maseru, Lesotho

Maseru Airport – Serving Internationally

The Moshoeshoe International Airport located 18 km southeast of downturn in Maseru is the main airport in the city. The Maseru Airport resides at a given elevation of about 5,348 feet above the sea level. This includes 2 asphalt paved runways. The South African Airways operate regular flights to and from Maseru and Johannesburg connecting travelers to two of the major destinations in South Africa. Car pickups from the airport can be booked well in advance or before you land at Maseru airport. A car hire is the most convenient and pleasurable option to watch out for maximum entertainment. With so much to explore, Maseru Airport car hire service offered by us will always be considered a great idea to move around the city.

Founded way back in 1869 by British colonizers, Maseru stands as a historical corner which promises a great holidaying experience. Rich history and cultural heritage makes Maseru a unique destination for all kinds of travelers. Hence, renting a car at Maseru Airport with us appears to be the most viable option for reaching out to the major attractions right away from the airport. Getting into the city through Maseru airport offers you a great opening to experience some of the best attractions in stored for you. Once you reach the airport, you can opt for Maseru Airport car rental service offered by us to move all around the Maseru city.

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